We are active. What about you?

Join with us the joy ..

Hockey in The City

Want to enjoy more of the best sport ever

Do you want to enjoy it in the best city ever?

Than Prague Hockey Masters is the best choice

Kings of Prague

Summer weekend in Prague combined with hockey tournament. Sounds nice, we think so! 

Meet your dreams

Have you ever dream about to be a hockey player? 

Have you ever dream about to be a goalie? 

Have you ever dream about to be a referee or timekeeper or may be TV commentary?

With pleasure we can fulfill any of those dreams for your

Explore the hockey world

Travel the world with us. Great atmosphere, good people amazing places

Countryside hockey experience

Enough of big cities? 
Let's explore the hockey in small nice city on the river Sázava 
Stay in the old village house where the time doesn't matter so much

PHM Cup League - Born of history

Beerleague on the top level.. Pure amateurs treated like a stars. Because beerleaguers are stars! 

Stylish ceremonies and parties

You wish to come one day for your trophy and enjoy the applause? 
We know it is great feeling and we are enjoying it every year manytimes