Króny news

Basic overview about the rules and propositions. Anyway, this is friendly tournament, please act accordingly ;)

Enjoy your stay in Prague at its fullest.. This post will may be help you a bit.

Forecast is showing us some strange values and icons. Rain or Storms... But, the only storm that we accept is the storm from the speakers that will be activated by our DJ's
And even if there will be some rain, we have tent that will keep everyone fine

Brand new team will join us for Royal Króny Cup. Team is ready to participate in Prague's league PHM Cup from the upcoming season 24-25 and this tournament is perfect chance to test the team bond.
We are more than happy that Rekreanti decided to be part of our event.

The team is full of mystery...

Till the last moment we believed that Conor Bedards will choose Royal Króny Cup to participate with other friends from Canada in The North Jerseys..
But from some strange reason he has chosen the IIHF World Championship that is held in Prague as well in the same date. It is sad from one point of wiew, but we...

This year will be rooftop area on ICERINK dedicated to party and we can't be more blessed. Really!
It's confirmed.
Kashmír from Fanklub Lev Praha and Carlos from the same team confirmed, that they will bring all their equipment and tune the speakers for us!