Canada Series is Back! MAY 2019


Prague Hockey Masters and hockey friends from Canada agreed to meet, play and have fun again in Czech republic this spring at May 2019. Here is the sneak peek what is prepared by PHM 

The weekend of the Year! For us as well for Canadians is closer and closer.. 

Who will arrive from The Land of Hockey?

Mathew our friend will bring guys from Montreal. Adult amateur hockey players who will be on the amazing Euro Trip on May. They will start at Budapest and will continue thru Bratislava and will finish they great trip in our beloved city of Prague. We can't wait to welcome them and show them the city and play some great hockey! 

Comment by Petr Urban - Prague Hockey Masters representative

The PHM team is ready to do the best to care about friends from Canada. Not only at the arena will show her hospitality and great effort PHM Event manager Christina. She will manage the hockey games, will be DJ during games and she will definitely make unforgettable atmosphere!  

What is the Schedule?


Exact schedule is about to be finished, but we are more than happy that it will be combination of lot of various activities and we are sure it will be full of fun.

Thursday will guys move from Bratislava by bus to the village of Volavá Lhota, what is "summer headquarter of Prague Hockey Masters" Really small village in beautiful countryside what offers accomodation for whole team and all other friends. BBQ party with draught beer in the backyard and great music party at the barn is legendary and it is great programme for welcome night in Czech republic.
It is great place to stay and it is proven! By various friends, but also by our Prague Hockey Masters teams like HC Prague Mimons, HC Množírna or Hokejový Tím.. all guys from those teams spent some time there 


For other days guys from Montreal will stay in center of Prague and the will enjoy both The City and Hockey!
Planned are 3 games with various teams from Prague Hockey Masters as well as party in the favorite bars in heart of Prague. Also some siteseeing and other relaxing activites! 

Source: Alexey Mashtakov / shutterstock
Source: Alexey Mashtakov / shutterstock

We know how to Party!

So guys! We are ready for fun! 

Stay tuned! 

More info soon!