Rex dominated against Carps from Moscow


One sided game is difficult start for Carps from Moscow in Prague games series

First game for Caprs Moscow was really tough and little bit one-sided. Rex Bohemia was quickly in good temperature and ready to play their kind of hockey. For the Carp's four lines  it was much more difficult to warm up and catch the tempo. Rex Bohemia won the game with the difference of level. 

First goalie of team Carps Moscow showed really great saves right at the beginning. But anyway after 6 minutes of the match the goal was scored to his net. Vytesil scored from the rebound followed by Říha who finished the breakway of two man rush. First period showed the difference between the teams, especialy the skating skills was on the side of Czech team Rex Bohemia.

Second period was more rich for goals. Four goals scored by Rex Bohemia. Damianidis scored from a rebound. Říha finished well from the long distance. Goalie view was covered by defender so there was no chance to catch the puck. Third goal was scored by Erbrt who showed spectacular finish to forehand in alone breakway attempt. Sixth goal was scored by Damianidis to the top of the Carps goalie net. It was a laser kind of shot! No chance for goalie. 

Last period was from both sides much opened in defense. Lot of changes on side of Rex, but as well on the side of Carps. But Rex attackers were much more productive and reached seven goals in this period. Unfortunately for all the spectators in the arena the productiivity of Moscow team was poor this game even if the amount of chances in the second period increased a lot.

Čech scored twice. Vrchota labeled his great appearance with goal after great combination. Nosek run away to the defenders and finished directly to the net. Krovas went thru the defenders and light up the red light again. The goal number twelve was scored by Filipovič. Last goal to the Carps net was scored by Damianidis. But the last goal of game was scored by Carps Moscow. The goal was scored by the best player of this Moscow team, Denis Kornev finished the combination with Shevchenko.

Game was decided so soon and it was a pity for the all attendees. Anyway it was fun for both team and we saw nice hockey. 

Next game of this series is with Fanklub Lev Praha.. stay tuned for report