Lev tops Carps in second game of Prague Series


Goals, great saves and little bit of fighting.. there was all what belongs to hockey game at Hvězda stadium

Close game where was a lot of emoiions at the end of match. Lev hosted Carps on the old calssic stadium Hvězda Praha.Many fans who came in this sunny Saturday morinig enjoyed this game. 

Start of the game was much better for Lev who was more ready to skate fast than Carps. After couple of minutes of game the fist goal was scored by Křivský who used the enough space between the defenders and shot directly to the target. Second goal came closely after first and it was shorthanded breakway after the mistake on the Carp's offensive blue line. Urban just stole the pass and havea plenty of time to finish his breakway. Scored a goal like Forsberg in 1994 Olympics. It was two zero for home team. Moscovians tried hard to increas the tempo and also the frequence of shooting. And it brings the result goal was scored by Chernetsov who fired a canon. Křepela had no chance to stop this. After first goals of caprs Moscow the activity was on their side. But luckily for Lev second line of Lev Prague scored the goal. Vitovec did his job well in front of the goalkeeper and another one followed immediately by Mihál (Slovak player in Prague's jersey). Carps succeded again by Shevchenko who used enough space on the right side and aims the puck perfectly. Final goal of the really open first period scored again by Lev Prague's best player of game Křivský. That goal was after one touch combination of whole line.

In second period Lev Prague was satisfied with the lead and little bit slow down. On the other side Carps started to be more active and they tried to equlize. But there were some hits what Carps Moscow players treated like to hard and started discussions and also starts revenge hits. So the game was a bit nervous and Moscow team didn¨t focused on the play and this loos of concetration cost them another two goals in their net. Sergej Davydov (the russian player in the Lev Prague's jersey) scored twice. One great shot from the right angle and second goal was from the rebound. After the two goals of Czech team Carps also nailed one goal. Anton Averyanov finished the nice combination and reduce the deficit between Carps and Lev to 4 goals.

Last period wasn't so much about nice hockey, but more about the though game and lot of  calls by referee. First line of Caprs Moscow team led by Shevchenko started to play so agressive but fair and tried to down Lev a little bit. Kornev was so active as well as big guy Verbov! But this activity did not brought the goal to Carps. In the mid of period there was a big fight between Křivský and Chernetsov. Also both goalkeepres of team Moscow jumped to ice to explain by hands what they think. It was from one side funny mmoment what simply belongs to hockey game! 
Only two time scoreboard changed.  First Lev scored thier eight goal by Mihál who finished the breakway with perfection. And for Caprs scored the key player of the team Shevchenko.

Final score was 8:4 but game was so close. 

After the game there was a prepared lunch for team Moscow by guys from Lev, so there all the fight from the ice were foregotten and all guys enjoyed the delicious pork knee, the czech speciality.