Czechs strikes back against The Norths from Canada


Cook 1+1 (CAN) / Mojžís 1+1, Malecký a Polinský 2 góly (všichni SHS)

The final one from three games of Prague Series 2019 with Canadian team The North Hockey was played on Sunday. The last night of the 10 days trip across Europe. 

After first two wins this was the toughest test for The North. They started withou two key players. Gervais out because of the injury Robbins was replaced by Urban. 
On the other side it was the premier match for Superheroes ever. New team played their first match. In the net experienced player and team leader Gross who was the key to success but not only him. Mojžíš (The World Champion from 2010) played so well and helped a lot.

Beginning of game was under control of Superheroes and they scored soon after the game start. Hurda shoot the puck directly into the corner. The North tried to equalize but can't beat Gross in the net of Superheroes. Even if Salvati was successfull but only the goal post ringed on the Škoda Icerink. Another goal celebration was again by Superheroes Polinský scored. 2:0 was a bit to much for Casey Cook and he tried to get back his team to the game. He took the puck and shoot directly and Gross capitulaised first time. Still 2:1 for Heroes. There was a big chance to made the game even in the first powerplay of the match, when Kless served his penalty for slashing, but Gross stopped many chances. Especially the save against Vilamagna was spectacular. After the first one goal game for Superheroes. 

Start of the second period was activity on side of team from Canada, but suddenly Polinský scored his second goal and again 2 goals ahead for Czechs. Couple of second afther this goal the best time of match for second line of team The North began. Salvati scored and another minute after Villamagna equalized the game. But Superheroes was ready to go ahead again. Malecký finished great pass from Mojžíš and match was again better for Superheroes. They may add another one, but Pazdera in the North's net was amazing and eliminates all the attempts also during the powerplay of Superheroes. So after two periods it was 4:3 for Czech guys. 

At the begining of third part of match, North tried to made the game even and the pressure results in the penalty. This one man advantage was used well by them. Moffat scored her first in the game and the mat was again equalized. But the World Champion Mojžíš showed his skills and scored great goal and sends his team one ahead. Another one couple of second later scored by Malecký. 
Final minutes was great hockey, when Canadiens tried to score. They pull the goalie of the ice and with 6 on 5 they scored. Lantagne gave chance to his team and still enough time to make from this game tie game. But Superheroes keep their one goal lead till the final blow of referee so the only game of Prague Series where Czech team won was this one. 

So special night for new team Superheroes. They played well and won this big match!