HMS - Hockey Management System

A platform for convenient management of competitions, leagues, tournaments, matches... We help you keep your data in order and inform your fans and the public about everything important without rewriting and double work. You can easily and conveniently feed the web and social networks with content

> League/Tournament scheduler

> Backgrounds for social networks and easy content creation

> Mobile access for admins and team managers

> Game schedule & Fixtures

> Teams standings and statistics 

> Awards and virutal "Hall of Fame"

And much more... details about the HMS system and its functionalities can be found further down on this page

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- the administrator fills in the basic data about the competition (tournament)
- team managers can insert rosters and lineups for matches themselves
- timekeepers at (after) the match conveniently enter match events


- the competition website will be filled with: Schedule of matches, Ranking of teams, Player and goalkeeper statistics
- possibility to generate great outputs for social networks: Stars of the month or tournaments, Weekly summary, Invitations, etc..
- all online and without extra work


League/Tournament Administrator (Competition Administrator)

- the user who manages or leads the entire competition or tournament
- has full access to the HMS system within his organization

Match delegates / Timekeepers (match data collectors)

- user who enters data about individual matches (goals, penalties and other advanced statistics)
- has access to the HMS system to the extent necessary for entering data on matches and basic management of teams and their rosters

Team managers

- a user who can manage a specific team assigned to him by the administrator
- has secure access to HMS only within the scope of his team

Players and the public
- users who follow the content on the competition website or social networks are served there with all details they need
- they do not have access to the HMS system

Features for league/tournament managers

  •  Secure access for competition, league, tournament administrators 
  • Access to the system not only from PC (Win, MAC friendly) but also from Mobile devices
  • Option to export data from HMS to pre-prepared templates to create background for Sharing on social networks (summary of the week, summary of the day, stars of the month, top players,... )
  • Possibility to link already existing website of the competition with the HMS system (display using "iframes" Schedule of matches, Ranking of teams, Statistics...)
  • The possibility of managing financial records (payments for individual matches from teams, payment status towards workers such as referees and timekeepers, etc.)
  • Ability to define player levels and mark individual players with the so-called "Player Level"
  • Advanced filters to select data that the contest administrator really wants to track
  • Option to export all data to CSV and Excel (player lists, team lists, statistics, team standings, etc.)
  • Registration of players for the competition using the web form (possibility of checking mandatory fields,...) / The competition administrator approves new players
  • Option to define awards that can be assigned subsequently to teams / players (Allstars team of the month, etc., medals for 1st - 10th place, etc.)
  • The possibility of sending invitations to matches, including information about jerseys, referees, etc.
  • The competition administrator can appoint referees and timekeepers for the match
  • Ability to create access for users to manage individual teams (user access for team managers)
  • The competition administrator fills in (imports) the list of teams (possibility to add logos, color variants of jerseys, attachments to teams...)
  • Option to automatically generate the match schedule
  • The competition administrator will set the playing system of the matches: Periods and their duration, penalty system, points system,...
  • The competition administrator can define the competition system: Phases, Groups, Seasons

Features for team managers

  • Possibility to manage the lineup for individual matches (player plays/does not play - determination of positions and possibly player numbers)
  • Ability to manage the team roster (definition of player posts, definition of inactive players, assigning numbers to players, uploading photos, etc.)
  • Secure access to the HMS system

Functionalities for timekeepers/"data collectors"

  • Option to close/end the match
  • Possibility to insert a link to a youtube video (the video will be displayed automatically on the website for the given match)
  • Option to insert a link to a Flickr photo album for the match (photos will be displayed automatically on the website for the match)
  • Possibility to write a headline, a short summary for the match or an accompanying article directly for the match (the texts will be displayed automatically on the website for the given match)
  • Option to mark payments related to the match (referees, timekeepers, payments from teams...)
  • Possibility to upload attachments to the match (photos, paper record of the match,...)
  • The system prepares materials for match "announcers" to report events in the match
  • Possibility to determine the stars of the match
  • options for recording face-offs, goalkeeper saves, goals, penalties, penalty shots, injuries
  • each event can be recorded with details such as "type of finish" "location on the ice surface" "location in the goal"
  • current period and playing time for each event
  • Options to record match events
  • The possibility to adjust the roster for the match for the given match
  • Schedule of matches, possibility to see "your matches"
  • Secure access to the HMS system

- A multi-platform system running in a web browser -

- No installation, easy setup, easy online training -

-Secure system on robust hardware, meeting EU security requirements -


- 44 teams / 4 divisions / 600 + matches in one season

Benešovská liga neregistrovaných hráčů
- 18
 týmů / 2 ligy / 180+ matches in one season

CCM Summer Hockey games
- 18 teams / 2 age levels / 40 matches per tournament


> Ability to import and convert your historical data

> The possibility of using a different language interface

> Options for "skinnability" of web outputs

> Possibility to create whole new pages of your competition

> The possibility of expanding the functionality and further customized development

> The possibility of using administrators and administrators from the ranks of the Czech Hockey Masters


HMS system license for tournament organizers

  • License for a one-time tournament........... CZK 8,000 (20+ teams)
  • License for a one-time tournament........... CZK 6,000 (10 - 20 teams)
  • License for a one-time tournament........... CZK 3,000 (4 - 10 teams)

License of the HMS system for organizers of long-term competitions

  • License for one season of the hockey competition.... 2,500 CZK / month (24+ teams)
  • License for one season of the hockey competition.... 1,700 CZK / month (12 - 24 teams)
  • License for one season of a hockey competition.... 1,200 CZK / month (6 - 12 teams)

*prices do not include initial consultation and training, including primary system setup. The price will be determined after personal negotiation
* The listed prices are without VAT 21% (Czech Hockey Masters is a VAT payer)